December 7, 2017

Merry Christmas wreath on classroom doorYesterday was the Christmas Program. The fifth graders performed Twas the Night before Christmas as a Readers Theatre. They did very well, somewhat mesmerized by the microphone but otherwise, they performed well. Several of the parents videotaped it. I am hoping one will send me a copy. 

Today the kids each received a huge 3 foot Christmas Stocking filled with goodies. They had a wonderful time unpacking the stockings. At the end of the day, a huge box arrived in my classroom. It was filled with another goodie bag, these bags are to go home on Monday, after our Christmas Party.  I also have a goodie bag for the kids. Today they set up the plans for our Christmas Party. They will do a small gift exchange and wanted hot cocoa with marshmallows and Nachos for party food. A strange combination — but one we can work with. We have been reading a parody of The Christmas Carol, I'm not sure they are getting the cross-reference. They are enjoying the read aloud. The main character is a 5th grader named Scroogeman. He is a bully, so the book ties right into the social teachings we are doing.  

The children across the school are hyped up for Christmas. In fifth grade, we are doing review work in both reading and Math. They are on overload and so behavior has been challenging. We will have a full day of school tomorrow, to make up for days missed this semester. Usually, Fridays are only a 1/2 day. 

I spent the evening today packing up my things to go home and wrapping a few gifts to leave with special people here. I leave here soon, I am homesick and ready to be home. Saturday is the big apartment give away, I think everything in my apartment is spoken for. It will be interesting to see it all go out the door to new homes. Every item is needed where it is going, 

I have quite a list of projects I would like to get individuals involved with, so look out when I get home!!! I will be trying to set up volunteers to make each item on my list happens. There are so many needs here. I was able to finally meet the new director of the Senior Center. There are still considerable needs there. She is loving the new environment we were able to create there this past summer. She is ready to take it one step further by planning activities for the Seniors. Bob and Mary's building needs finishing, kitchens need stocking, the park could use a rehab and the list goes on and on.

Finally, a prayer request, MIke a man from the area who plays Santa for many events here, was diagnosed with bone cancer. He is in the hospital and will miss all the Christmas events. Please add him to your prayers. He will not be able to play his role as Santa this year and will be greatly missed! Pray for strength and healing. 

Thank you for all your support and prayers. Please, continue to pray that a teacher can be found to take my place in 5th grade and that I make it home safely. I will miss these kids!! I am ready to return home and stay for a least a few days. I'm looking forward to returning to College of Saint Mary in my new role. I have missed teaching! I look forward to teaching the 4 classes I will be teaching in the spring. 

Merry Christmas!


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