August 25, 2017

While I've been putting in long days at school. Here are 2 of the projects I have completed. 

An Eclipse Shawl from a knit along from Knit Paper Sissors in Lincoln Nebraska.

Eclipse Shawl

A Star Quilt to be donated to the Omaha Children's Museum.

Star Quilt

August 21, 2017

Flexibility is a must!! Upon arrival this morning I found out that I had been promoted to 5th grade!!

We all survived our first day!!

We were able to view the partial solar eclipse with our special glasses

 Welcome to 5th Grade Class Room B108

My classroom was not set up in the manner I wanted, so after a little muscle workout after school, it now looks like this!

5th grade classroom 8 21 2017 

August 19, 2017

Most of my friends have never ventured south of I-90 on their way to see Mount Rushmore. And they often ask me - Where is Wanblee?

In the maps below you can see the where Wanblee is in relation to other communities and in relationship to the Badlands (click on a map to see a larger more detailed map).

Wanblee map 1   Wanblee map 2

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is approximately 3,469 square miles - making it larger than Delaware, Rhode Island, and Washington DC combined.  

August 12, 2017

It has been a busy week! I arrived in Wanblee Sunday afternoon, staying with my friends the High Horses. Monday morning I received the keys to my classroom. I am teaching fourth grade. My room had been cleaned over the summer and everything was in one big heap on one side of the room. I began digging through the boxes and a huge mound of furniture. After culling through and getting rid of old material, I began to find curriculum guides and children 's new materials. Tuesday we began in-service training. I have never had so much in-service. (Quite different than what we do at the college level.) We have one more full week of in-service next week!! Including me doing a half day training on methods and working with children from under-resourced environments.

I have been steadily working on my room and first-day plan. I will post a photo soon of my classroom once it is completed. I have met so many new people. It is amazing to see daily how much this entire staff cares about the children they teach, drive to school and feed each day. I am getting down first names so next week I must learn last names so I can refer to them as Ms. or Mr. The building is oddly shaped so getting a feel for where everything has also been an adventure. You will see what I mean when you see my classroom. It is pie-shaped. 

Jeff arrived on Friday with furniture for my apartment. (Thank you, Joe, for the use of your pick-up). I was so glad to see Jeff and to get to see him on our anniversary. The rag tag furniture he brought was one of the best anniversary gifts!  I am not a camper and camping out in my apartment with an air bed and camp chairs did not cut it!


August 6, 2017

I am headed to Wanblee today. The blue Mazda is loaded with only a place for me to sit. There have been a few changes to my plan for my sabbatical. I will be teaching fourth grade until a teacher can be hired. It has been a long time since teaching fourth graders (over 30 years). I prayed for the opportunity to really impact my teaching and return to the classroom, I guess you should be careful what you pray for. This will be a new adventure every day.  

Wanblee is located on the eastern side of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. It is a small town in rural South Dakota, very different from all that I am used to in Omaha. Crazy Horse School is a K-12 building with about 350 students building wide. I will be spending the next 2 weeks in opening workshops and setting up my classroom similar to teachers across the country. 


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